The history and tradition of Cezar Bronner cigars was born in 1956.

Learn about our story and you will find more about our aromas!

Handmade cigars with superior quality tobacco

Since 1956 we have used high-quality tobacco that together with a traditional process make Cezar Bronner cigars a delight to the palate.

  • Hand made in the Dominican Republic
  • Top Quality Tobacco
  • Traditional Processing and making

Cabinet Selection

The Cabinet Selection is a premium cigar, handcrafted by true artisans from the Cibao Valley, Dominican Republic. Dressed in a dark Mexican San Andres Wrapper and filled with well-aged (2-3 years) Dominican tobacco, this cigar provides an unparalleled aromatic smoke.



100% Cuban seeds grown in the Dominican Republic. With a beautiful wrapper selected for this elegant handmade cigar, with a strong personality, which leaves sensations of cocoa and roasted coffee on the smoker’s palate.

A mixture of powerful and rare tobacco was created to give the smokers a unique and lovely sensation. This is a Full-Body Cigar with a good balance. A tribute to Cuban Tobacco.



This full-flavor Cigar is made with one of the most beautiful wrappers on the market. With his aromas of wood, nuts and leather and the spectacular white ash that delivers you will definitely come back for more.


Why Cezar Bronner?

There are countless reasons why our cigar brand is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

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