Premium handcrafted cigars since 1956

The authentic
Dominican Cigar

A story where tradition and the search for perfection are the characteristics that determine our product: the authentic Dominican Cigar. It was in 1996, after finding the exact point between avant-garde and inheritance, when Eugenio A. Bronner founded this cigar house along with the experience and quality of Tabacalera Palma and the supervision of the expert in the area, Jochy Blanco.

Recognized for our work based on manufacturing, our product is completely handmade and the process, as well as by our unmistakable blends whose result is unique in the market.

Our motivation is relative to the passion that an artist puts in his masterpiece; The care in the fermentation of our tobacco leaves and the process of attachment of the cigars are techniques that we master thanks to the experience.

We make your passion, our encouragement to strive to improve it, to fill it with unique sensations every time you go to it.